It doesnt look that big from Route One as you approach the Park and Ride on Country Club Drive, but its got everything you could expect from a first class water park.  Excellent lay out.  Literally something for every age.  6 giant waterslides only the top two thrillers have you go up steps.  The rest are ramps.  There are body slides also.

There's a wave pool with a  River that floats through the center of the park and has several on/off areas.  Spash pools, all sizesof kiddie slides and things to play with.  Water depth from 1 foot to 3.6 feet.

Unlike other water parks  you do not have to rent the tubes.     The tubes are plentiful.They have single and double tubes.

It is $29 to get in, less if a child is under 42 inches.  You get an arm band and can reenter the park as often as you like.  Parking is FREE.  You are not allowed to bring in coolers, but if you have packed a lunch in your car in a cooler there actually is a picnic area to have lunch outside the park.  The food they sell is OK but at times the lines are long and it is about the price you would expect at amusement parks.  You can go  in and spend a few hours, leave and get lunch someplace and then come back later.  People bringing in  outside food and eating it there have not been asked to take it outside the park.

A season pass is $135.  Depending on how often you may come here during a season it may make sense. 

If just visiting for the day check the weather forecast, no refunds are given and the park will close at a thunderstorm.  

 The changing areas and bathrooms are spacious and clean.  Lockers are available at $8 a day and smaller ones for a dollar or so everytime you go in or out.    Very nice class of people visit this place.  Since the parking is so close why not lock your wallet or purse in the trunk and bring in a few dollars. 

Although you aren't supposed to bring in your own, they don't check your bags.  They have a first aid station and do page people upon request.  There is only one entrance/exit so reuniting with your family is simple. 

 If you come after 4 PM the admission is reduced.   The park stays open till 8PM

If you are visiting with kids, beware that there is a mini golf course on the premesis, batting cages and go carts that are not included and can add a lot of expense to your day.  If you are not on a budget, it can be a bonus as you need not drive all over the place to enjoy these amusements.

 There are coupons in the local tourist magazines but not of much value.

Jungle Jims phone number is (302) 227-8444