If you are going to be flying into Panama City, the airport you will be flying into is Panama City/ Bay County International Airport. The only airlines that really fly into Panama City are Northwest AirLink, USAir Express, and Delta Airlines. There is also a smaller company that is based out of Panama City that flies out, named Sowell Aviation. The airport is pretty small, but it is well equipped and does a good job with customer service. There is a pretty big parking garage and you can leave your car there safely for a cheap cost. The flights run all day long, but less come and go later on at night. Though it is a smaller airport, you should still arrive a few hours before your flight for security reasons. You could also take a train to get into Panama City. The train station is not very big but it runs trains daily from other surrounding towns and cities in Florida. This is a good alternative if you do not like flying. You can drive as well, but the only problem is that there are many toll booths in Florida, and you can spend a fortune just driving through the state. Because Panama City is on the coast, you could take a boat there if you have one. You will have to pay a fee to leave you boat in the dock, but it is nice to take your boat out to travel places.

11/10/2010 There is now a new airport in Panama City and Southwest Airlines provides service as well.