A night of drinking seems to always bring out the munchies!  Most bars close at 3am on the weekends and you can find a few of these places always crowded.

Steak n Shake located on Dale Mabry and is open 24hrs/day.  You can either go through the drive thru (hopefully in a taxi!) or sit inside at this classic diner style chain.  Choices include burgers, sandwiches, and just about anything greasy!!  Their shakes claim to all be hand-made and have a variety of flavors to choose from.  This is not your typical fast-food, it really does taste made to order.

Village Inn Pancake House located on Dale Mabry is also open 24 hrs/day.  You can get breakfast or lunch/dinner food anytime of the day.  Stick with what they specialize in ...pancakes!!

If you don't want to drive or take a taxi far from where you are out, there are several pizza stands and hot dog stands in Ybor City on 7th Avenue eager to feed the young drunks staggering out of the bars.  Demi's Market has the best pizza on the strip, but usually closes promptly at 3am on weekends.

The Deck located on Platt Street near the corner of Howard Avenue and Platt Street also sells pizza by the slice to the drunks on Howard Avenue, but also usually closes at 3am.  Recently, there has also been a grill open at  the outside patio of  MacDinton's on Howard selling hamburgers and hot dogs.

 Not to worry, if you are partying at Channelside, they also have a pizza stand here (see a trend??). Splitsville and Hooter's serve food pretty late, but not beyond 3am.  Splitsville has some great appetizer choices to choose from including mini cheeseburgers and quesadillas.  Hooters has their famous chicken wings and usual fare.

The Egg Platter located on Gandy Boulevard is also open 24 hrs/day and serves...you guessed it!  Mostly a variety of different egg platters...very greasy!  But then again, who wants a salad at 3am??