You certainly could bring a car to Kennebunkport, either your own you drove from home or a rental, but there are plenty of ways to get around without your own car.

One popular way to get around is via the trolley system ( The sightseeing trolley system offers rides from in town down to the beach daily from Memorial Day to Columbus Day. It’s a sightseeing tour that is narrated, but you can buy an all-day ticket and use the trolley to get from point A to point B. You just might learn something along the way too!

For those who don’t mind the activity or even relish it, one great way to get around Kennebunkport is by bike. You can certainly bring your own, but there are also many places to rent a bike for the day.

The terrain in Kennebunkport is considered excellent for riding a bike and it’s fairly easy to get around town on a bike. Motorists are generally bike-friendly and there are several paths to follow (though riding in town is perfectly OK as well).

Finally, don’t forget foot power. Kennebunkport is surprisingly accessible on foot, and the shopping area itself is easily reachable from many hotels and within itself, you need not drive or even bike from shop to sho