Off Season Travelers Be Advised:

 The liitle town of Saugatuck is certainly not without it's charms, but be advised about off season visits.  In great part, the town is rolled up after high season and not taken out of storage again until after Memorial Day.  A mid May visit only found many of the things that made this choice attractive, to be closed. The drug store, altough open, has the old time soda fountain closed for the off season.  The chain ferry across the river, altough expected to be reopened after winter weather was a forgotten memory,  was again closed until after Memorial Day. Some of the better restaurants are open for the weekends only. Boat tours are running subject  to enough people showing up to make it practical. To be fair, the dune rides, do try to maintain a schedule. The State Park is still accessible as is the beach. And, many of the galleries in town are still open. Quality and value of this venue are subjective issues, not to be addressed here, but be advised that if you are planning your visit based on some of the charming qualities you've read in descriptions, your experience could be one of disappointment in the off season.