Bellagio reigns as the best buffet in Las Vegas with the Paris buffet a close second.  Some feel Wynn's buffet is not a good value; that the waiters are slow and overall food is inferior to Belligio's and Paris', while others disagree, saying Wynn has many more food items than Paris, including a very good rack of lamb. Bottom line: there are numerous buffets out there. Too many  to say which one is better than the other. A buffet is the best way to get value for money for a good feed at lunch time for $15-20. Obviously some are better than others. Go down and have a look before parting with your cash.

Paris is not what it once was. RIO Carnival and Planet Hollwoood (PH)  for lunch/dinner are far better and the line-ups at peak times are much shorter.  RIO is immense with fresh food from virtually every corner of the world.  PH is a more compact version of RIO with a mid-east section (great kebabs) added.  PH also has warm crab-legs cut and served on the half-shell making it easier than breaking/hacking through the legs yourself.  RIO has a good selection of gellatos.  Both offer the warm chrerries that are a fav at PARIS. Both are bright with a modern decor.

You can also save yourself a lot of money by getting the Buffet-of-Buffet wristband, which allows you up to 24-hrs of buffet enjoyment. It is by Caesar's Entertainment, so the wristband only grants you access to the Caesar's Entertainment hotel (Caesar's Palace, Flamingo, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Rio, Harrah's, Bally's, The Quad, Bill's) buffets. Most of the buffets open from 10am-10pm, so if timed correctly, you can cram in at least 2-3 meals using that wrist band. The wristband costs $47.99 for Total Rewards members (free to sign up), and $49.99 for non-rewards members. It's a great deal, seeing as each buffet can usually run about $30-35 per person, per buffet (ex: Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood).