The City of Cape May is small, and peak tourist months are naturally crowded.  Moving through the city by car is relatively easy, however finding a parking space can sometimes be challenging, especially on weekends.  If you drive, be prepared to circle the blocks several times before parking, or try parking a few blocks from the center of town.  Always be alert for the many bicyclists who, in a vacation state of mind,  may forget they are sharing the road with cars. 

Getting around Cape May is best done on two wheels.  Bicycling around the island is easy, as there are no hills to negotiate. There are plenty of bicycle racks throughout the city for parking...  Use common sense and bring a lock!   Because the city is so filled with architectural wonders, biking will allow you to enjoy more of that historical beauty, along with the other sights and sounds of the nation's oldest seaside resort.  

Finally, don't forget your legs.  Because the city is small, many folks find it best to simply walk into, and around town and leave the car at the hotel or condo.