The Golden Sands Resort Area is a mile-and-a-half long strip along the coast of the Black Sea near Varna, Bulgaria.  The area's name, Golden Sands, is derived from the high-quality sand of the Black Sea's beaches.  The region enjoys a fairly mild year-round climate with low amounts of rainfall and is home to a number of beach resorts serving visitors from Eastern Europe and beyond.  Besides its beautiful beaches the Golden Sands area is also attractive to visitors because of its rich wooded areas and natural mineral springs, the latter once famous for their healing powers among the ancient Romans.   

Golden Sands and its surrounding forests are also a popular destination for hunters at certain times of year.  Among the legal game are wolves, bears, deer and several types of birds.  Hunting package tours are available.  See your travel agent for details.

Its close proximity to Varna, one of Bulgaria's largest cities, also makes Golden Sands a popular destination.  It is easy to get to via Varna's airport and also makes a nice day trip from the city.