Oklahoma City is a relatively warm city, with humidity steadily within the 60-80% range and temperatures rarely averaging less than the mid-30’s.  It rains a lot in May, though snowfall stays well under the national average in the winter.

When to go to Oklahoma City really depends on what type of activity you are into—unless you are determined to escape a harsh northern winter for a milder southern one.  Gun shows, rodeo exhibits, car races and other outdoor and athletic events and fairs occur in summer months.  Door-to-door window shopping and purchasing in Bricktown and Paseo is also more interesting this time of year.

Indoor, fine arts activities and collegiate athletics take hold in colder months.  Labor Day weekend is the Arts Festival and the state fair is generally held in the middle of September.

Check the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau website for an exhaustive, informative list of events organized month by month.