Narragansett has been a seaside resort town since America's early days and is therefore, full of shops and boutiques for the incoming travelers. The souvenir shops and more upscale boutiques line the major thoroughfares of the town but to get a business listing you can visit the Chamber of Commerce website as well. Mariners Square and Pier Market Place are great places to get a lot of shopping done in one area and include souvenir and t-shirt shops.

The town's preservation of Victorian culture is felt in several areas and showcased in the South County Museum. You can indulge in the styles and gifts from this era as well at the Victorian Lady boutique located on Beach Street. The store includes home furnishings, bridal gifts and much more. In fact, the city is stocked with bridal wear and gift stores so if you are shopping for such an occasion you will have it easy.

For classic and old world jewelry, you can then head to Alroy Originals on Spinnaker Court. Those in search of art can check out Framers Gallery at Mariner Square. Another gift shop favorite is the Shell Boutique at Pier Market. Any-and-everything to do with shells can be found here.