Studio B is part of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Tours start at the museum where you board a bus for the one-hour tour of the actual studio. The museum offers package for admission and tour. This facility is still in use so you may not actually be able to enter the studio on all tours.

Tours are guided by very knowledgeable guides who make the tour come alive. This is the studio where over 1000 hits were created by many of the most famous country and non-country stars from the last 50 years. Elvis mastered over 200 songs in this studio as just one example. The guide will share many of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of this unique space where so much history has been created.

If your tour can enter the studio, the pianos, mics, and the accessories that were used by the musicians are there for you to admire first hand. Election to the Country Music Hall of Fame is the highest honor in country music. The award recognizes persons who have made outstanding contributions to country music over the lengths of their careers.