Little Rock, as well as the entire state of Arkansas, has four full seasons of weather. Coming to Little Rock and Arkansas during the fall will be a different experience than winter, spring and summer. All the seasons bring unique enjoyment to any visit.

Summer time in the Natural State brings the outdoors to life such as swimming, fishing boating at our many lakes.  There are many state parks to enjoy all that sumer has to offer in the natural state.

In the summer time you can take enjoy all that being outdoors can offer, Hot Springs has a wonderful theme park that toughts the worlds tallest inverted coaster. X-Coaster
 Magic Springs & Crystal Falls introduces its newest coaster. Thrill seekers will scream as the coaster shoots riders 150 feet in the air, flips them upside down and then sends everyone on a 360-degree corkscrew roll at more than 65 miles an hour.

And the states largest water park,

Fall in Arkansas brings many colors to the foliage, as well as our annual State fair and local carnivals.

Temperatures Are Just Perfect For... picnicking, fishing, water sports, camping, hiking and antiquing. Monthly averages- 74° (Fahrenheit) in September, 64° in October, 52° in November-are ideal for visiting the many festivals .

Picturesque drives are found all over the state. Crowley's Ridge National Scenic Byway, the state's first national scenic byway, follows Crowley's Ridge through the eastern Arkansas delta and the St. Francis National Forest. It's a great way to discover the unusual flora, fauna and geography of the delta. The parkway is comprised of U.S. 62, Ark. 141, Ark. 135, U.S. 412, Ark. 163, Ark. 284, Ark. 1, Ark. 44 and Ark. 242 and U.S. 49B.

Great River Road National Scenic Byway , which parallels the Mississippi River in eastern Arkansas, is a marked route (look for the green and white pilot wheel signs) which leads you to notable historic, scenic and recreational points through the state's first explored and developed region. U.S. 82 crosses the southern tier of counties, from east to west, leading to Lake Chicot, Crossett, the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge, El Dorado, Magnolia, Lewisville and Texarkana.

Arkansas is also a hunters dream in the fall , hunting ranges from turkey to deer.  As well as other wild life.

And not to be forgotten is fall football seson, ranging from the local highschool games to the states own Arkansas razorbacks.

And next is Arkansas mild winters with occasional snowfall,  The average temperature in arkansas is 41 degrees, but can vary from year to year.  The Ozark Mountains are a site to see in the winter, spending time in a cabin with a warm fire can be a good way to spend a winters day.

Springtime In arkansas is something to behold, from The Daffodil festival at wye Mountain to the beautiful neighborhoods in Little rock that has been around  since The 1890's and has some of the most beautiful yards with old magnolia trees and flowering bushes.  It's hard to drive anywhere in Arkansas and not be in awe of the budding springtime.

For great hiking, biking, and floating in central Arkansas check out this book

No matter what the season, Arkansas and it's wonderful capital city can offer wonderful weather and nature at it's best.