The site at 301 Pine Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a strong claim to being the 'smallest' national memorial in the United States and it would not be surprising if there are days when there are no visitors.

A quick walk-through can be done in a few minutes or one can listen to two different audio programs, in either English or Polish, describing Kosciuszko's role in the American revolution.

In many ways the American revolution was an international revolution attacting people like Kosciuszko in 1776. His military engineering skills have been acknowledged as contributing to a major turning point in the war ...Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga. Other roles included the defenses at West Point and Fort Ticonderoga.

Following the war, Thaddeus returned to his homeland in 1784 and fought a losing battle for Polish freedom from Czarist Russia. Banished, he came back to America  in 1797 and received a hero's welcome. He was successful in collecting for his unpaid services in the Revolution.

 In Jeffersons words ..."as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known."