Rental Cars: Fairbanks International Airport has most of the major Rental Car Agencies that you find in the lower forty eight. To insure you get a car in the summer book early as there is a large demand for rentals. If you are thinking about driving up the Dalton Highway you will have to find a rental car agency that allows its vehicles on gravel roads, expect to pay a premium rental fee for this. Most if not all car rental agency will have you sign an agreement not to use their vehicles on gravel roads. Winter driving is not all that bad in Fairbanks as the roads a kept pretty clean. Intersections tend to get an ice coating on them but after that it is mostly dry pavement unless there is new snow fall. The warmer it is in the winter the more slippery the roads will be. All rental cars come with an extension cord to plug in your car so that the battery, engine block, and transmission will stay nice and warm. The cord for the car is sticking out somewhere in the front around the grill. If you cannot find it or the extension cord, contact the rental agency.  You will find electrical outlets in the hotel parking lots for you to plug in.

Taxis: Taxis are abundant in Fairbanks as many folks from the villages fly into Fairbanks to shop and take care of business. You more than likely will have to call for a cab as they may not be able to pick you up without a call from their dispatcher. As with any other airport Taxis are outside the terminal waiting to take you to your destination.