Zip Car, the alternative rental car vendor, is headquartered in Cambridge. Therefore, you'll find dozens of zipcars located throughout all the Cambridge neighborhoods. For those not familiar with the concept, ZipCars rent by both the day and the hour. The cars tend to be trendier, meaning you can rent a MiniCooper, Mazda M3, Honda Element, Scion and more. ZipCar is a membership-based service so you will need to be a participant already. If you are, you may find ZipCar a convenient way to rent a car for just the time you really need to be driving while you're in Cambrige, as Cambridge is less stressful and more easily traversed by foot, public transportation and taxis. Because Cambridge is a very ZipCar-friendly city, cars are often booked days in advance, and it is recommended you do the same if you will be wanting one while you're here. You can see a full listing of the ZipCar locations and reserve your reservation on their website -