Estes Park is not a huge city. In fact, it’s a small tourist town. However, that does not mean that nightlife doesn’t exist here! Estes Park is a tourist area and many of the visitors like to enjoy their vacations all day and all night long.

To start, there are year-round events that take place in Estes Park, many of which occur during the evening hours. The events consist of a wider variety of musical concerts (everything from local or Colorado-based bands to symphonies).

There are also many restaurants, bars and lounges which remain open at night and provide a venue for relaxing, drinking a beer, and playing pool. Some of them also have live music, large screen televisions, and dancing. A few of the bars in town are designed to look like old-time saloons and this can really put visitors in the mood to kick up their heals and do some country dancing.

There are two restaurants/bars in town that should not be missed:

Lonigan’s Saloon is located at 110 W. Elkhorn Avenue, and is a great spot for music, dancing, and eating. There are often live bands performing and there’s a large dance floor.

Live music and SERIOUSLY great food can be found at the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern, Bands, solo-acoustic, bluegrass circle....FUN

Mary's Lake Tavern!