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  • Great hotel for couples and business trips.
  • Amazing stay!
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  • The definition of Luxury can definately be found in The Hazelton Hotel.
  • No need to take your corporate group any further than The Hazelton Hotel. A gem in the centre of Yorkville.
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  • Great, some easy to correct problems.
  • Outstanding hotel and staff, great location
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  • 5 Stars all the way!
  • Our New Favourite!
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  • Wedding Night <3
  • Fantastic experience
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  • Beautiful modern hotel
  • Definite Blue Chip
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  • Hotel staff were truly awesome - the nicest folks (even for Newfoundland!)
  • Fogo Island Inn, a must do
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  • A real gem of a property in downtown Vancouver
  • Outstanding service from everyone from start to finish
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  • Excellent Winter Getaway Destination.
  • You can never go wrong with the Ritz Carlton!
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  • Fantastic Stay! Will definitely be back
  • Lovely hotel, tremendously polite, courteous, and helpful staff. Excellent.
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