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  • Cosy place to stay in Quito full of charms
  • The most lovable experience
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  • Excellent place to stay when visiting Baños
  • Perfect! (And there’s a cute dog too)
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  • Old World Charm with Modern Luxuries
  • Gracious Boutique Restaurant in Cuenca
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  • A delightful hotel in the old town
  • Excellent heritage hotel
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  • Superb Quito Hostel with Excellent Host
  • Long layover?
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  • Impressed by hotel's rooms, staff, food and location
  • Superb lodging in historic Cuenca
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  • Best location to Enjoy an Evening Walk
  • Quito Splurge
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  • Our trip to Ecuador
  • Wonderful
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  • The most tranquil place in Banos
  • Stunning location for nature lovers
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  • Hospitality that can't be beat!
  • Royal treatment in Quito
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