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  • Staff are great! Lovely 'Pousada' in Macau
  • Students show how it should be done!
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  • Fabulous hotel and town. Rooms are amazing food is variant and the town is wonderful. We stayed for 2 nights and will de
  • Great service, fantastic location with upgraded facilities
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  • Great Eco Haven with great service
  • So nice, we booked it twice
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  • Beautiful!
  • Restored architectural gem!
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  • Friendly oasis in the heart of old Beijing
  • Probably my favorite hotel in the world, or close
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  • Fabulous Stay
  • Creative Reataurant and Bars
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  • The best aspect about is the stupendous views over the rice terraces
  • Beautiful place to stay in Longshen county
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  • The best property we stayed in in 6 weeks
  • Wonderful Retreat; Will be back!
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  • Gorgeous Place with professional staff
  • Fantastic, beautiful Yunnan with Songtsam's 6-day Searching for Shangrila Circuit
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  • A hotel full of character in a historic atmospheric area
  • Wonderful hotel to experience real Beijing
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