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  • Great week in Antigua
  • A calm and refreshing hotel
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  • Beautiful, Well Located, Good Food
  • Wonderful experience!
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  • Peaceful stay at Antigua Guatemala
  • The Gardens and Museum, worth a visit
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  • This was my 10th visit to this hotel
  • A hotel worth it stars
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  • One night only... but would have been happy to stay longer
  • Excellent experience!
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  • Much more upscale than expected
  • Very nice hotel with the convenience of proximity to the International Airport
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  • Unexpected Stopover - everything went well
  • Nice clean hotel. Rooms are very large. Beautiful view from higher floors.
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  • Excellent service and facilities for our global assembly
  • Cozy rooms, friendly staff, great restaurant
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  • Gorgeous, peaceful respite from busy town and market
  • Beautiful
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