8 Reasons to Ask All Your Guests to Write a Review

When guests check out, many properties ask them to write a Tripadvisor review so that travellers have the fresh feedback they want to see before making a booking decision. What differentiates properties that are doing a great job with this from everyone else? Who they ask.

Properties that only ask for feedback from guests who they know had a great experience are not doing themselves, or their future guests, any favours. Remember the evil queen in Snow White?  Every day she asked her magic mirror who was "the fairest in the land", and she was only satisfied when the answer was her.  In the end, her resistance to hearing the truth backfired.  Here are 8 other reasons why it’s in your best interest to ask all guests for reviews: 

1. Don't assume you know what people are going to say.

You may think that a guest had a fabulous experience at your property or vice-versa, but you never know what will come through in a review.  Give guests the opportunity to surprise you. 

2. Well-rounded reviews set realistic expectations.

Afraid that the couple who commented on your small room size might write that in the review?  If your rooms are indeed small, that’s not a bad thing.  Guests who are considering your property need to know what to expect, warts and all.  If they come in with realistic expectations, they’re more likely to come out pleased.  

3. When all reviews are stellar, it's almost not believable.

No one is perfect, and travellers know that as well as anyone else.  If 100% of your feedback is stellar, it can raise suspicions.   A mix of opinions adds credibility.

4. Travellers focus on the positive. 

When feedback is highly negative, they actually don’t pay much attention to it.  In a 2013 Phocuswright survey, 66% of respondents said that they ignore extreme comments when reading reviews. 

5. Hold yourself accountable.

If you realised that someone was unhappy while at your property, did you really do nothing about it?  If you addressed the issue, that will likely be reflected in the review. And if the traveller is being unreasonable despite redress, that will also come through, loud and clear. 

6. You can’t improve unless you know what all your guests think.

If there is a valid problem at your property, you need to know about it.  You can't get better if you don't know what all your guests think. And if the feedback is negative, write a management response and tell the world what you’re doing about it. 

7. Demonstrate confidence in your product. 

Inviting every guest to write a review demonstrates that you’re confident your property is providing the best experience possible.  If you’re not confident in that, all the more reason to get as much feedback as possible and figure out what you need to fix. 

8. Honesty is the best policy.

When it comes down to it, it's just not that honest to cherry-pick for positive feedback. Tripadvisor provides a platform for all travellers to share all of their opinions, not just the ones that you like.  And soliciting feedback from everyone helps insure that you remain in compliance with our fraud policy. 

The bottom line is, successful hoteliers welcome all feedback and use it to their advantage, either to market their properties or make them better.  Ask every guest for a review, embrace all opinions and your business will benefit in the end.   

Last Updated: September 22, 2014