TripAdvisor Management Centre: Quick Start Guide

Take control of your online reputation. Build your business on the world’s largest travel site. It’s all within reach when you register for the TripAdvisor Management Centre.

How to Register & Verify on the Management Centre

First, your property needs to be listed on TripAdvisor before you can access the Management Centre. Use the search box on the TripAdvisor homepage to see if you’re listed. If not, go to

Once your property is listed, you can register for the Management Centre. To register:

  1. Go to and select property type.
  2. Type your business name, select it from the drop-down menu and on the next page click "Register for this business."
  3. Fill out the registration form and click “Sign up.” 

Once you’re registered, you need to verify your relationship with the property. Verification provides additional security by controlling who has access to a business's Management Centre. There are a few ways you can verify – depending on the information we have on file about your business. The most common ways to verify your identity are via phone or with a credit card (no charge is actually made).

In some cases, you may be able eligible to verify by email. If you qualify for this method, select the email verification option and you’ll receive a message with simple instructions. Similarly, another representative from your business could invite you to verify for the Management Centre via our Manage User Access tool. In that case, you’ll also receive an email with instructions.

Please note: You must have a TripAdvisor Member account in order to log in and manage your property via the Management Centre. If you don't have an account, first visit and click "Join" at the top right to sign up. 

Verification by Phone

If you choose to verify by phone, follow these steps:

  1. First, confirm the number shown is for your business - not your personal phone number. 
  2. Choose how you'd like to receive your verification code - by phone call or SMS text message.
  3. If your phone number requires an extension, you may enter it into the field and continue. 
  4. You will receive a call or text with a four-digit verification code. 
  5. Enter these four digits into the box provided and click "Submit Code."

If you receive a message indicating phone verification is unavailable, please proceed with another verification option. If the displayed number is incorrect, or is a personal phone number and not the one for your business, please click the "Request Update" link and follow the instructions to update it.

For detailed instructions on other verification methods, read here

How to Log into the Management Centre

Once you’re registered and verified, logging into the Management Centre is easy: 

  1. Go to and click “Join” at the top right of the page. 
  2. Log in with your email address and password. 
  3. Click on the “My Business” link. 
  4. If you’re affiliated with more than one property, select a specific property from the list.

Management Centre Main Features

Here's a quick list of many of the things you can find in the TripAdvisor Management Centre. Use the top menu to easily locate what you need. 

  • Manage Listing: Add photos, manage listing details, update amenities and more via the Manage Listing tab. 
  • Reviews: Respond to reviews, report a review, and answer traveller questions on the Reviews tab.
  • Drive Bookings: If applicable, accommodations will find links to manage Business Advantage and Sponsored Placements in the Drive Bookings tab.
  • Bookings : Restaurants, let diners reserve tables online by adding a booking button to your TripAdvisor listing in the Bookings tab.
  • Marketing Tools: Catch the eye of potential diners & guests with promotional tools, awards, widgets, and window stickers on the Marketing Tools tab.
  • Help & Settings: Get answers to all of your questions. Access billing & payments, update email preferences, and manage user access. The Owners' Forum and Help Centre are also available here on the Help & Settings tab.

How to Update Your Listing

Put your best foot forward and highlight all of the features and amenities that your property has to offer by updating your property listing. You can edit general information, such as the name of the business, location, types of amenities and even add a brief description of the property. To edit your listing:

  1. Sign into the Management Centre.
  2. Click on "Manage Listing" in the top menu, select "Name & Description"
  3. Using the menu on the left, fill out (or update) your information for each section, then hit "Submit."

How to Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews clearly demonstrates -- to both former and future guests -- that you are interested in their feedback, and that you take their comments seriously. To respond to a review:

  1. Log into your Management Centre.
  2. Click on "Reviews" in the top menu and select, "Respond to Reviews."
  3. Choose the review you would like to respond to by clicking on the review in the left-hand sidebar. Reviews can be sorted by date, bubble rating, language and response status. 
  4. Select your affiliation with the property.
  5. Write the response in the box provided. Remember, your voice plays a major role in how people perceive your message. Check out our top Management Response tips.
  6. Click, "Submit."

How to Upload & Manage Photos

Grab the attention of potential guests by adding photos to your TripAdvisor listing. Upload photos that showcase what your business has to offer. Be sure to suggest a primary photo that makes a strong first impression. To upload photos:

  1. Head to the Management Centre.
  2. Click on "Manage Listing" in the top menu and select, "Photos."
  3. Once on the page, you can add photos by clicking the "Add More Photos" button in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Click the box authorizing that you are a representative of the business and that you have the rights to post the photo.
  5. Then click the "Upload" button.

While you're here, don't forget to set a primary photo and add captions to existing images. Accommodation owners can also reorder their photos and categorize photos into albums.

For more tips on getting the most out of your photos, read our guide.

How to Dispute a Review

We take fraudulent reviews very seriously. If a review violates our guidelines, or we determine there is something improper about it, we will remove it. However, just disagreeing with the review isn’t enough to warrant removal. TripAdvisor does not arbitrate or referee factual disputes. To dispute a review: 

  1. Sign into the Management Centre.
  2. Click on "Reviews" in the top menu and select "Report a Review."
  3. Under “What is the problem with the review?” select one of the options and fill out the rest of the form. 

Once you’ve submitted your request, it can take several days to resolve and we cannot guarantee that the review will be removed. We highly recommend that you submit a Management Response to the review as soon as possible for other potential guests to read.

To learn more, read about the “3 Things You Can Do After a Bad Review.”

How to Report Blackmail

Blackmail on TripAdvisor is defined as when a guest threatens to write a negative review unless the property provides a refund, upgrade or meets another request. You should proactively report these threats to TripAdvisor before a review is potentially submitted. Your immediate reporting of blackmail threats can help keep blackmail reviews from ever reaching the site. 

  1. Sign into the Management Centre.
  2. Click on "Help & Settings" in the top menu and select "Help Centre."
  3. In the Help Centre, click "Contact us" in the top menu and select "Owner Support."
  4. Under “Please tell us what the issue is,” select “Report fraud.”
  5. Under “What do you want to do?” select “Report blackmail threat” and then provide additional information about the reviewer, including name, email, where they are from and stay date. 

Read about our blackmail policy here.

Register for the Management Centre

Register for the Management Centre

Last Updated: July 18, 2017