A New TripAdvisor Experience: What You Need to Know

Taking a fresh look at your TripAdvisor page? Here are more details on the changes you can expect, how they influence your business and top tips to help maximise your new presence.

Over the past several months, TripAdvisor solicited feedback from thousands of users via consumer surveys, focus groups and usability studies. Consumers told us they want an easy-to-use site and an app that more clearly showcases the amenities, locations, best prices, user reviews & ratings and other key decision-driving information they use to book accommodations.

Based on that feedback, we've developed an enhanced TripAdvisor site & app experience. The result? For travellers, it's now easier than ever to find and book the property that is right for them. For our valued partners, we've improved the ways we surface your key details to the right travellers at the right time. Our goal is to drive more qualified leads to your TripAdvisor page – and, ultimately, to your front door – as we become a better and more efficient marketing channel for your business.

Key Changes

Some key changes you'll notice with the enhanced TripAdvisor site and app experience include:

  • Improved search experience: With a new home page, improvements to search and navigation and the launch of our new Best Value ranking option (which combines rates, availability, traveller ratings, location and other factors together in a single search filter), TripAdvisor makes it easy for the right travellers to find you.
  • Increased focus on decision-drivers: From our consumer research, we identified key decision-driving features in the travel planning process. A new, streamlined design now highlights those features. For example, Amenities are more prominently displayed in both the search results and on your listing page. Plus, a new Overview section has been added to the listing page, based on consumer feedback. It features a summary of your TripAdvisor ratings, review themes, amenities and a detailed map. This section allows potential guests to see all of the decision-driving factors about your property in a glance and make choices faster.  
  • Enhanced photos to influence bookings: 79% of TripAdvisor travellers say that photos are important when making a final booking decision.1 So, we've focused on improving this key area – to help you sway more travellers to choose you. The photo experience on the listing page has been completely redesigned, featuring a carousel of larger images with easier navigation to popular photo categories, an enhanced photo gallery and tools that make it easier for you to manage the way your property appears on TripAdvisor.

Business Advantage Enhancements

In addition to the changes highlighted above, Business Advantage subscribers are now better positioned to attract, engage and influence potential guests:   

  • Increased page coverage & influence: As part of the streamlined design of the new site, Business Advantage features are now integrated in a more user-friendly way, with larger font sizes than before. Also, the new Overview section features a dedicated promotions area for Offers from your property. It can be populated by Special Offers as well as your "Hotel Deals" or "Hotel Packages" Contact Details. It creates an incremental place for you to influence travellers to choose your property, right where they're looking for key decision-driving information.
  • Enhanced metrics to drive better business decisions: To help better measure the quality of the traffic visiting your page, we are enhancing the way we report on this information – evolving from page views to unique visits. Unique visits is a more relevant metric for subscribers because it provides visibility into the total number of opportunities you have to influence a booking decision. To see this change in action, access your Analytics Suite in the Management Centre.
  • Improved photo tools to entice travellers: Business Advantage Preferred Access subscribers can now create a Storyboard – a promotional preview that blends together a property's best photos and top reviews. Plus, the carousel will now prioritise Favourite Photos, and the Cover Photos feature can be used to hand-select the main images for additional photo categories that appear alongside the carousel – like "Rooms & Suites" or "Dining".  

Top Tips for Partners

Now that you're aware of what's changing, here are three things you can do to maximise your enhanced presence on TripAdvisor:

  1. Upload Fresh Photos: With the increased emphasis on photos, it is a great time to upload new, high-quality images. And, due to some recent improvements, it's easier than ever to add photos: Simply log in to the Management Centre, then select “Manage Photos” under the “Profile” menu. From this page, you can review and update your primary photo (the first to show in the carousel) and upload new Management Photos. Note: Business Advantage Preferred Access subscribers can also set up the new Storyboard feature, and choose Favourite Photos and Cover Photos from this page, as well.
  2. Update Amenities: Be sure to review the facilities listed on your property listing page. Need to make some updates? Head to the Management Centre and under the “Profile” menu, select “Edit Business Details”. In the "Your accommodation listing" box, select "edit" and then choose the "Amenities" tab to make changes. While you're there, it's also a good idea to review your property description – or add one!
  3. Collect Guest Feedback: Reviews and ratings continue to be an important part of your TripAdvisor listing. They now also influence new site features, like our Best Value ranking. Tools like Review Express can help make collecting reviews easier.

Our goal is to become a more effective marketing channel for our partners and drive better performance by improving how we surface your property details to the right travellers at the right time. We encourage you to take a look at the changes on TripAdvisor and then visit the Management Centre to make updates.

  • 1. TripBarometer 2016, Traveller Trends & Motivations, Global Findings.

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Visit the Management Centre

Last Updated: May 30, 2017