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AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay

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5 bedrooms
6 bathrooms
25 guests
29 nights minimum 
Property Description There are no available rental dates in 2018. This iconic villa is usually rented out about a year or more in advance, so hurry and book now! In 2019 most of the calendar months are still available as of this writing but there are being rented out fast so hurry and book your vacation now before the month you wish to rent is no longer available. Renters should always look at the reservations calendar where information is at least supposedly automatically cloned from owner`s presentation on the other portals where he advertises, as are the rates but not always without glitches, so when you contact the owner MilanFrankVacek the owner of the AlohaPalace com will let you know which months are still available and quote you the correct rental cost. Because the home is located...Property Description There are no available rental dates in 2018. This iconic villa is usually rented out about a year or more in advance, so hurry and book now! In 2019 most of the calendar months are still available as of this writing but there are being rented out fast so hurry and book your vacation now before the month you wish to rent is no longer available. Renters should always look at the reservations calendar where information is at least supposedly automatically cloned from owner`s presentation on the other portals where he advertises, as are the rates but not always without glitches, so when you contact the owner MilanFrankVacek the owner of the AlohaPalace com will let you know which months are still available and quote you the correct rental cost. Because the home is located in Honolulu where the very strictly enforced zoning law mandates that any and all rentals must be for a minimum of at least 30 days the owner given all the many expenses of ownership and maintenance in top condition of a Palace has to always prefer renting the AlohaPalace for a period of physical stay of the entire calendar month whenever possible, and if you wish to rent for a month many months from now all the more reason for Milan to wait until he receives a reservation request for the entire calendar month or for at a minimum a physical stay of at least 2 weeks, or you can of course stay for a shorter period but you will still have to pay the equivalent for a 14 night physical stay so you mighth as well stay the two weeks and have the time of your life! Please see the reservations calendar and start planning your trip! Rental Rates shown in the Rates Section already include the utilities, and parking both on and off premises is of course always free. To the Rental Rates shown you need to first add the Cleaning Fee $643.20, and then to this subtotal you add the TAT tax 9.25% and the GET Tax 4.712%, altogether the taxes are 13.962%, and you can add this tax easily by multiplying X 1.13962. That is the Grand Total of the Rental. The only other expense of renting the AlohaPalace is for the renter to either deposit a fully refundable $1,000 Security Deposit, or if the named renter lives in the USA then it is possible for the renter to instead of depositing a security deposit purchase for a small insurance premium of just $99 the PropertyDamageProtection an insurance policy that protects the named renter from liability for up to $5,000 worth of accidental damages to the rented property regardless of which person in the rental group may have actually accidentally caused the damage, and with no co-payment (no deductible). If you are interested please call the owner right away, the AlohaPalace is usually rented out for about a year or two in advance. Koko Kai Thai Palace (AlohaPalace). Right now there is in effect an Early Bird Reservation Special Discount Off the rental rates usually advertised on our main advertising portal, for rental of the available calendar months in 2018, so please contact owner whom you can always find by searching his name which is unique in the entire Universe: Milan Frank Vacek, and call or e-mail him, or look up the name AlohaPalace to get all the information how to get in touch and request a 32-page Guide for Renters of the KokoKaiThaiPalace (same as AlohaPalace) and be sure to book your desired calendar month early. The Palace is now rented out until the end of November 2017. Homes in residential areas of Honolulu can by law which is very strictly enforced only be rented for a minimum rental term of at least 30 days, even if the renters end up not physically occupying the home for the entire rental term, so usually it is not possible to rent this home unless the renter pays for a physical occupancy of the home during the 30-day minimum rental period of at least the the usual minimum physical presence rental term of at least 14 nights, because of the many expenses and costs of ownership and maintenance in top condition of a home such as KokoKaiThaiPalace which simply cannot be covered by a rental for a shorter period, particularly considering that by law there can only be just one rental in any 30 day period and these 30-day minimum rental periods cannot overlap at all, and therefore there are at best only a maximum of just twelve rentals possible in a year!. Therefore there are minimum physical occupancy rental periods which are somewhat flexible with longer physical stays always preferred, and the check-in date as well as the check-out date have to be entirely within the same calendar month unless you wish to rent for a period longer than 30 days, in which case you will be happy to know that on rentals lasting longer than six months there is only one tax which is just 4.712%, while on so called 'Vacation Rentals' there is an additional 'Transient Accommodations Tax' which is 9.25% so the tax rate is altogether 13.962%. The longer you physically stay at the Palace, the less you pay for the additional nights of physical occupancy lasting beyond 14 nights. Please contact the owner Milan Frank Vacek for exact price quotes and a proposed rental agreement which he will gladly e-mail to you once you have communicated to him your e-mail.. The absolute best way to be sure that the owner will be aware of your interest in renting the Palace is to simply pick-up the phone and call the owner Milan Vacek at his cell-phone number, and if he is near his land-line and it looks like it may be a lengthy phone call he will immediately ask you if he can call you back from the landline on which he has a 'plan' enabling the unlimited calling almost any phone number in the world , so do not waste time writing e-mails and along with sending this message always also try to contact the owner by phone and he will give you the most up to date information so you will know when the Palace is available for rent and how much it costs, and you can ask him all your questions regarding the rates and whatever other information you need, much quicker than writing e-mails back and forth. Reservation requests for rentals longer than the usual minimum 14 nights stay and longer are usually preferred but please do inquire about much shorter stays as well, you may be pleasantly surprised. Regardless how many nights you and your family and friends stay every renter of the Palace contracts to rent the Palace for at least the the legally mandated 30-day minimum rental period during which the owner cannot rent the Palace to anyone else and this is clearly specified on your rental agreement. You will see when you pro-rate the effective nightly cost of a month-long rental that your overall cost will only be about as much as a quality hotel room nightly rental rate, but instead of a family of 4 you can comfortably accommodate in the AlohaPalace a large extended family and/or friends of up to 22 persons who can of course include well-behaved kids, and you will all have an experience worthy of being able to scratch an item from your 'bucket list' in the sense of 'I lived in a Thai Palace in Tropical Paradise called Honolulu' and you will all have a great time and wonderful memories. The KokoKaiThaiPalace is a custom home (actually two homes, a very large three-story home with a roomy commercial-grade elevator, and also a separate guest cottage located across the swimming pool from the main home) nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Triangle/Portlock exclusive residential area of Koko Kai in South-East Honolulu in Oahu). This magnificent villa built by Zen Buddhists, to be more precise by a Swiss professor and his Thai-born wife who are both Zen Buddhists, in the style of a Palace in Thailand, with many exotic hard woods and marble imported from Thailand, and features altogether 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and 2 half-baths, with additional sleeping quarters furnished with comfortable Italian designer convertible futon-sofas to sleep a total of 20 adult guests. The Separate-Entry Housekeepers/Storage Room located next to the Carport is not subject of this rental agreement, that is where the owner Milan Vacek stays in a self-contained owners` studio which has a totally separate entrance directly from the driveway and has windows only looking at the (magnificent) view of the entire Hawaii Kai coastline, and will be able to be of assistance to you during your stay, explain how everything works and have repaired or replaced whatever might not be working. This magnificent villa is located high up above the other villas on the side of the extinct crater on the other side of which is the world-famous Hanauma Bay nature preserve which has a pristine sandy beach and very protected live coral snorkeling and diving. Yes, incredible as it sounds, Hanauma Bay is located just over the crater's edge from the backyard of the villa. The home offers beautiful wrap-around views from every room and amazing views of the sunset over Diamond Head crater on Waikiki Beach, ocean and surf views by day and City lights by night, and bonus views of the mountains and marina as well! Custom finishes include exotic imported hard woods, granite & marbles throughout. This property has a great floor plan for a large family, and includes the owners/housekeeper`s studio in the separate-entrance Guest Cottage, separate office area, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Indoor and Outdoor entertainment space, extra family/TV room with the latest model Large 3D Flat TV's with all the premium cable TV Entertainment channels with the Premium Channel Cable Tuner at every TV location. There is a complimentary land line with unlimited calling in Hawaii as well as in all of the USA, and Canada and some of the North Pacific Ocean islands as well, both cell-phone and land-line numbers, with extension cables newly installed into all bedrooms including the Guest Cottage and the Master Bedroom so you do not have to be a slave to your cell-phone to stay in touch, and a dedicated 300Mb/sec. high-speed broad-band unlimited internet connection newly from SPECTRUM (formerly called Oceanic TimeWarnerCable) both via Cat-6 local network cable as well as via WIFI, all at no extra charge. There is 3+ car private parking with gated entry. You can comfortably walk from this home to world famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in 5 - 10 minutes so you don't need a car to go swimming and snorkeling and diving in the world-famous Hanauma Bay Nature Park where every creature including the very friendly and docile tropical fish, the large green turtles and even the live coral are protected and the general public and tourists get to watch a short 9 minute movie (sufficient to see once per year, they keep records) about the ecology and conservation efforts to appreciate the natural wonders of this bay which until 1950 was reserved for the exclusive use of the Hawaiian Royal family, before visitors can go swimming or snorkeling or diving in the Hanauma Bay. I recommend that you drive in your rental car to Hanauma Bay in only about two minutes and the parking all day costs only $1.00, and you will have more time to spend swimming, snorkeling and just soaking up the sun on the beautiful white sandy beach! There is an entry fee to keep down the number of visitors and help defray all the additional services and lifeguards present for your comfort and protection but if you arrive during the first hour of operation (between 6AM and 7AM) there is no fee charged (quite frankly, the personnel of the Park who collect the entrance fee and allow free entrance to Hawaii residents, military, kids 12 and under etc. do not arrive until one hour after the park opens, and you still get to watch the free 9-minute video but you get to go in without paying any entrance fee and you can stay all day, just as you can get in completely free during the last hour of operation. This is a little known open secret which enables everyone to enter for free if they are willing to arrive at the park during the first hour of operation, when the sun is shining into the bay and the water is usually crystal clear and calmest, and the snorkeling and scuba-diving are best, and you can also enter for free during the last hour of operation by which time the people in the box office have already gone home, and again you still get to watch the video if you have not yet seen it in the last 365 days so you can see that that the emphasis is on education and making sure that you do not ruin the ecology nor scare the fish and turtles rather than just a profit motive. This villa is also within walking distance to 3 shopping centers and fine dining and casual restaurants, gym and theater, and just a five minute drive including free parking everywhere to the ever popular Costco Warehouse, Ross, and many other stores and restaurants in the even larger shopping center located about two miles away! The popular Sandy`s Beach with wild body-surfing and surfing is just a five minute drive, as is a golf-course and many beautiful shoreline attractions, including the Sea Life Park featured in the movie Fifty First Dates. Public transportation is also conveniently close-by at the entrance to the Hanauma Bay parking lot, so you can go all around the island of Oahu by bus if you wish for just a few dollars! A rental car is however strongly recommended so that you will be able to go see all the wonderful sights of the island of Oahu and go shopping or visit one of the many fine beaches with lots of free parking which are close-by anytime you wish and not have to wait for a taxi. By getting a rental car or better yet a 7-passenger van right at the airport as you arrive you will also eliminate the cost of the airport taxi ride. For detailed information about the Palace and which months it is still available and the rental rates please have a look at AlohaPalace or KokoKaiThaiPalace where you will see a link to a detailed up-to-date reservations calendar and a rental rates section and many more photos and information of my home and phone contact information. The owner Milan Vacek is currently living in the completely separate entry Housekeeper`s quarters right next to the carport and is available to show you the house practically anytime if you or your friends are in Honolulu and wish to see the Palace provided of course that there are no renters staying in the house in which case of course the renters` privacy is the most important and you will be asked to come back to see the house when there are no renters at the house, unless exceptionally the renters specifically agree to such a showing of the house. By living at the house in the owners unit the owner is finally enjoying living in Hawaii and can help you fully enjoy all the amenities which the Palace offers during your rental by explaining where everything is and how everything works and taking care of any maintenance issues immediately. Newly there have been installed at the Palace a total of more than a dozen high-quality DC-Motor extremely quiet and energy efficient ceiling fans with ceiling lights with wireless remote controls for your increased comfort in the global-warming environment which I am sure that you will greatly appreciate, and window tinting has been added to the large view windows to moderate the late afternoon sun, and in the Master Bedroom on the third floor there are newly installed high quality window shades with little pin-holes in them so if you need to sleep to catch up on jet-lag you will be able to do so and yet still always see the magnificent view. Koi fish are now happily swimming in the beautiful fountain in the foyer of the entrance of the main house for your enjoyment and you are allowed to feed them, in fact you have to feed them because the owner does not go inside the house unless you specifically invite him in to help you with something that you cannot figure out how it works. Newly there are two identical high quality futon-sofa-beds set up as facing sofas in the ground floor entertainment area which when placed together and when covered with the thick memory gel-foam mattress topper make a magnificent bed larger than a California King size bed to create yet another bonus sleeping area with incredibly beautiful views, your own bathroom, wet bar and refrigerator/freezer, and of course those amazing views, same as in the main living area which is one floor above. Some renters have even brought along a professional yoga instructor and conducted yoga sessions in the downstairs entertainment are where there are marble-floor and floor-to-ceiling view windows and I was invited to participate in their yoga sessions which was an absolutely mind-opening beautiful experience! There are now also a couple of infant sleeping cribs (cots) on premises so you do not have to borrow or buy them for your vacation, because those innocent children are after all our future! Mahalo (thank you) for reading this long description of my property and ALOHA, hope you will visit Honolulu and stay in my Palace soon, looking forward to meeting you :-) Because the nights before and after a rental for as physical presence shorter than the entire calendar month are nevertheless by law rented to whatever renter has rented that legally mandated 30-day minimum rental term, regardless how long the renters will actually be physically present, or as is often said, for how many nights the renter will actually occupy the rental home, those remaining nights which are not physically occupied by the renter cannot re rented to anyone else and are thus 'unrentable' and do not bring the homeowner any rental income, so please understand that with the high cost of ownership and maintenance in top condition of a home such as the KokoKaiThaiPalace it is simply not possible to rent it for less than the entire calendar month, or at least the optimal part of the calendar month being a 28-30 day rental leaving one or two days in most moths for a thorough cleaning between renters. Therefore rentals for the entire month any month, at the advantageous 'monthly rental rate' are preferred over shorter reservations requests. pay by bank transfer from your bank to the owner`s account at the Bank of Hawaii, or alternatively you can pay by choosing the payment by e-check option, or even pay by VISA, MasterCard or American Express directly to the owner who just recently became certified to be able to process credit card payments directly and not to have to go through any portal intermediaries. Just one example of the best deals Milan has to offer, now that the Palace is rented out through the end of April 2017, there is still available the month of May, June, July, August, October, November and December 2017 for you to rent in the coming year. The best bargain are the lowest priced months January through May and September through November. which if you hurry you can still rent for the 'Early Bird Discounted Rental Rate of only $11,610.00 USD plus the GE tax 4.712% and the TA Tax 9.25% and plus the $733.00 Cleaning Fee which already includes both the TAT and GET taxes on the cleaning fee, and this is your total rental expense to physically occupy the AlohaPalace for each of the above entire months with comfortable accommodations for up to 22 adults and/or kids without any surcharge, and the grand total also includes the usual utilities, and parking on and off premises is of course free. The only other expense is the obligation of the renter who is named as the renter on the rental agreement and who is residing in the USA and specifies their USA address on the agreement to purchase the CSA Travel Insurance Company`s Property Damage Protection policy of Renters Insurance which covers the named renter for up to $ 5,000.00USD worth of accidentally caused damage to the rented property for the very low insurance premium of just $99.00. If the named renter does not have a USA residence address and/or prefers he / she can deposit in the homeowner`s account at the Bank of Hawaii a fully refundable $ 1,000.00 Security Deposit, but needless to say most renters much prefer to purchase the CSA Travel Co. policy. It is always best to simply pick up the phone and call the owner Milan Vacek and inquire about the availability of a particular month and request a proposed rental agreement with the exact calculation of the rental charges and with all the conditions . Hawaii is the ideal destination year-round! Hope to hear from you soon, ALOHA from Hawaii Kai, Milan Vacek, owner. Please request owner Milan to e-mail you the free 30 page Guide for potential renters of the AlohaPalace which is usually completely up to date and explains in detail just why and how the owner must rent the Palace the way that he does. Beds: 5 King Beds, 3 Queen Beds, 8 Sofa Beds, 2 Cribs. Newly available will be two quiet and portable AC units, best used in Guest Cottage and in Bedroom #3, or in Main Floor Living Room. You may only feel the need to use them it the Trade Winds should die down, not likely to happen anytime soon. ALOHA :-) Tourist License / Licencia de turismo N °: TA097116569601,GE097116569601
House Rules
Pets not allowedNot suitable for childrenNo smoking
KokoKaiThaiPalace is located in a very upscale strictly residential area and all homes in this area are subject to the Oahu Noise Ordinance, which does not allow any amplified music after 10:00 PM. The minimum rental period that must be specified on each rental agreement is 30 days, regardless how many nights the renters actually physically occupy the Palace, therefore the Palace is rented by the calendar month and only 12 rentals per year are possible.More House Rules are in Rental Agreement.
7 Super Kings3 Queens3 Sofas1 Cot
1 Half bath3 Full baths2 Showers

Meet the host
Milan V
Hosting since June 2014
Languages spoken: English
Response Time: Within a few hours
Interaction with guestsThe owner is usually in Honolulu and when the house is rented he lives in the remodeled and upgraded former storage room right next to the carport, so he is in effect you 'Housekeeper', but he does not mind as long as the renters are nice and want to have an enjoyable vacation in Hawaii, he will help you enjoy yourselves any way he can.. Request his 30+ page Guide for Renters which is in pdf format and he will email it to you if you let him know your e-adress. ALOHA, Milan Frank Vacek, owner.

Reviews (5)
Family reunion & vacation of our dreams
What a blessing we had finding this home to rent for our large family reunion/vacation! We had 22 of our family members join us to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! The house fit our needs perfectly & Milan was an amazing host & a resource with recommendations for places & activities. The view from the house is spectacular & the pool & spa area was a great gathering place for eating, swimming & soaking in the spa after hikes & activities. Having stores nearby (especially Costco) was terrific. Truly a trip we will all remember & treasure for the rest of our lives! Thank you, Milan for helping make it possible!!
Visited October 2017
Written October 26, 2017. This review is the subjective opinion of an individual traveller and not of Tripadvisor LLC nor of its partners. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Melissa M
Melissa M
1 contribution
Beautiful home with everything you need for an AMAZING holiday!
Huge home with several living spaces that easily accommodated our large group of 20+, the house was fully equipped with everything you could possibly need and our gracious host readily offered anything we needed to make our stay more comfortable. Home has A/C in the guest house and one of the bedrooms in the main house with ample fans throughout, home is well kept with a focus on organic products for cleaning, washing, and insect repellant. Home is centrally located to Hawaii Kai shopping village with Costco, Safeway, and restaurants. Close to the highway for easy access to Waikiki. Home is walking distance to Hanama Bay with snorkeling gear available for guests to use. Milan was a gracious and friendly host offering insightful local knowledge of beaches and hikes that was spot on! Would highly recommend as a rental property for a family, minimum 2 week rental... we didn't want to leave! Thank you Milan for sharing your wonderful home with us, we had an incredible holiday that won't soon be forgot.
Visited October 2017
Written October 25, 2017. This review is the subjective opinion of an individual traveller and not of Tripadvisor LLC nor of its partners. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Lonnie F
Lonnie F
Beaumont, CA2 contributions
Fantastic views and wonderful place to stay for a large group.
The whole family stayed for two weeks. Had a great time with the family in the pool, and so, so close to Hanauma Bay. Make sure you make it to Uncle Clay's Pure Aloha shaved ice.
Visited September 2017
Written October 11, 2017. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Alvaton, KY
Great Family Experience
Home at 118 Kekaha Pl, Honolulu, Hi I rented the home for the entire month of September, 2017. We started with 5 families consisting of 9 adults and 7 children.The event was to celebrate my upcoming 80th birthday and 3 other family member birthdays. The house was great with all the bedrooms and sleeping areas and had good separation for older adults to get away from children. The master bedroom was spectacular with lots of room and great views and an elevator that took you to the third floor. The children and all really enjoyed the pool and spa. The home came equipped with many essential items, ie towels, linens, laundry and bathroom essentials ie shampoo, soaps etc.The home is located in a beautiful neighborhood setting with ample parking. Stores and shopping were nearby with Costco being a real shopping saver. My family of sixteen stayed the first 16 days and I had 8 friends who took the second two weeks of the rental to cut my cost in half for the month. Good thinking on my part. Milan the owner was available on the property and was able to answer any questions or concerns that we had. The house is absolutely spectacular and can sleep groups of 20.
Visited September 2017
Written October 10, 2017. This review is the subjective opinion of an individual traveller and not of Tripadvisor LLC nor of its partners. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Milan V
Milan V
I really enjoyed having Jack and his family and friends vacation at my home and I wish him all the best and many more birthday celebrations in perfect health. ALOHA from 118 Kekaha Place, MilanFrankVacek, owner.
Written October 11, 2017. This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Hudson, Canada2 contributions
Trip of a lifetime !!
Daniel V. said... Aug 18, 2017 Amazing Experience! 118 Kekaha Pl, Honolulu, HI, 96825, United States Date of Stay Jul 30, 2017 Helpful votes: 0/0 Words can't express!Our family reunion at the KokoKai was beyond our expectations! We were a sizeable group and never felt crowded at all. Milan was the perfect host and answered all our questions without delay and made us feel very welcome with suggestions on where to go and things to do. Knowing the island so well, he let us in on his favourite spots and gave us tips and tricks on how to get around to get the most out of our trip!The house is spectacular and so well equipped with amazing views and so central to everything you want to do on Oahu.Hanauma Bay,which is right around the corner was a favourite spot with our snorkelers and beach goers and made so much easier with all the equipment that was made available to us in the house.Non-adventurous types or people who just wanted to take it easy were able to sit around the pool and relax and enjoy the views of Maunaloa Bay or climb up to the gazebo and practice their yoga.We would highly recommend this place to anyone who is intending to spend time in Oahu as it has everything needed to make your vacation a memorable one. Mahalo, once again, Milan and we hope to see you again! Merci!
Visited August 2017
Written September 5, 2017. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Milan V
Milan V
Thank you all for being such nice, friendly and considerate guests, it has been a great pleasure having you as my August 2017 renters and I wish you all the best and a safe trip back home to Canada. I look forward to your coming back to the Aloha Palace someday soon, you will always be welcome! Au Revoir, and ALOHA NUI LOA from Kekaha Place, Milan Vacek, owner :-)
Written September 7, 2017. This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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What this rental offers
  • Secure parking available
Outdoor amenities
  • Balcony
  • Deck
  • Garage
  • Patio
  • Private outdoor pool (heated)
  • Private yard
  • Terrace
Things to do
  • Fishing spots available
  • Watersports
  • Cycling areas
Living spaces
  • Highchair
Kitchen and dining
  • Grill
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Cooker
  • Toaster
  • DVD player
  • Stereo system
  • Television
Bathroom and laundry
  • Dryer
  • Iron
  • Hot bath
  • Linens provided
  • Towels provided
  • Washer
Property features
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Elevator/Lift access
Location info
  • Beachfront/Lakeside
  • City getaway
  • Golf course (within 30 mins drive)
  • Horse riding facilities
  • Tennis court
  • Hiking areas
  • Countryside area
Scenic views
  • Mountain views
  • Ocean views
  • Waterfront views
Additional amenities
  • Sauna
Indoor amenities
  • Internet access
  • Cable television
Wi-fi and internet
  • Wi-fi


December 2023


January 2024


About the neighbourhood
KokoKaiThaiPalace com (Aloha Palace com). First Available Rental is the calendar month of April 2020 and the months beyond April. If you hurry you might still be able to rent at the current Early Bird very special discounted rental rates particularly now in the wake of the new Honolulu Land Use Ordinance 19-18 which mandates that homes such as the AlohaPalace com situated in any residential area of Honolulu cannot be rented for any rental term shorter than the legally mandated 30 day minimum rental term which is newly also the 30 day minimum 'stay', so rent for the entire Calendar month and save and feel like you own the place! The AlohaPalace is usually rented out a year or more in advance so be sure to book your rental asap.
Getting around
Transportation: The BUS has a bus stop at the very nearby Koko Marina Shopping Center and another one at the entrance to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. There are also many taxis including the ever more popular UBERS, there are also two bicycles (use at your own risk, after all the owner fixes the brakes on one bike himself without having any pro skills in that regard, so definitely walk do not ride them down the steep driveway and steep cul-de-sac, after that you should be OK.
Car advised
How to get there
From the HNL airport yousimply drive your rental cars East on H1 and ignore the Waikiki turnoffs because that would double the commute time which is otherwise only about 20 minutes if you avoid the rush-hour, and when the H1 Eastbound almost without any notice becomes the Kalanianaole Highway #72 Eastbound without your having had to get off the freeway or anything, the freeway simply becomes the highway 'Island Style', you will just continue to drive on it until you see the new rebranded Chevron Gas Station, now the Techron (Texaco) Gas Station on your left and at the very next traffic light make a right on Lunalillo Home Road and at the end of the long block (public playground) make a left on Poipu Drive and turn left on Kekaha PL. ALOHA
Activities nearby
Fishing spots availableGolf course (within 30 mins drive)Horse riding facilitiesTennis courtWatersports

Things to know
Check in / out timings
Check in after 4 p.m. Check out by 10 a.m.
Cancellation policy
  • 100% refund within 24 hours after booking (provided the stay is at least 60 days away).
  • No refund available once booking is confirmed
Notes from owner
Lodging tax: 13.962% Tax I.D.: TA-097-116-5696-01, GE-097-116-5696-01 Deposits: 50% of total rental cost is required as a deposit at time of booking, payment may be made by bank transfer or by e-check to my account at the Bank of Hawaii as specified the page 10 (the last page) of the proposed rental agreement which I will be happy to e-mail you. If you prefer to pay by credit card (VISA / MasterCharge or American Express) I am now authorized to accept payments by credit and debit cards so it should not be a problem but there may be a small 3% credit card processing fee. Payment Options: American Express, Cashier's Check, Discover, Mastercard, Money Order, Personal Check, Visa Other Fees: Property Damage Protection Insurance by CSA Travel Insurance, covers up to $5,000.00 USD damage to the rented property, for only $99.00.(only available to named renters with street address in USA).Refer to VacationRentals ID# 939401, request PDP. Alternatively $1,000.00 Refundable Security Deposit must be deposited at least 90 days prior to the check-in date is by bank transfer, may be included in the payment of the balance of the total rental cost. CleaningFee $643.20+$59.50TAT+$30.20GET=$733

About this property

First, check the Availability tab on this page to see if your dates are available. If they are, contact the owner via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox to confirm availability.

If the owner has provided contact information, you may contact him or her directly. If not, you can contact the owner via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox. This inbox is created after you send your first message or booking request to the owner

This owner may contact you via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox, your personal email, or phone.

You can send another message via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox to check if the property is still available. If the owner has listed a phone number, you can also call to follow up. If you still don't hear from the owner, Tripadvisor recommends that you send enquiries to other properties.

For this property, you may use a credit card to pay via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox; the owner may also offer other payment options. You must pay via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox if you want to be covered by our Peace of Mind Protection. Once the owner approves your stay, he or she will send you a quote, which will include payment instructions.

If you pay online via the Tripadvisor Rental Inbox, your payment will be covered by our Peace of Mind Protection.

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Property #FKN2224843247

Frequently Asked Questions about AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay

AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay is able to accommodate up to 25 guests. See all property details.

AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay has 6 bathrooms available. See all property details.

AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay has 5 bedrooms available. See all property details.

Stays at AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay must last at least 29 nights. See all property details.

UPDATED 2023 - AlohaPalace com 3-story OceanView w/Cottage,Pool & Elevator. 30 Day Minimum Stay - Holiday Rental in Honolulu - Tripadvisor