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Maui Vacation Rentals

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Maui has long been regarded as THE place to visit if you’re heading to Hawaii. Not that the other islands don’t have their charms, but Maui is the picture mixture of everything you’d ever want in a vacation, or in a life. Nature, as it was meant to be experienced, up close and in peak form, can be found on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The island is a melting pot not only of cultures, but also of new age Hawaiian industry and old school Hawaiian traditions. The food is a delectable sampling of local fare, in both laid back atmospheres and the utmost luxury establishments.

Beaches in Maui

With 120 miles of coastline, you’re never far away from a sandy beach in Maui. With temperatures averaging a balmy 75 to 85 degrees, cooled by soft trade winds, it’s always a perfect beach day. Head over to one of the island’s famous beaches where you can go for a swim or snorkel in the warm waters of the South Pacific. Kaanapali, Wailea, and Napili are the most visited and with good reason. With red, black and white sand, Maui's beaches have consistently been chosen by "Dr. Beach" Stephen Leatherman as ranking among the best beaches in the U.S. These beaches have also been named among his top 40 choices as the "healthiest" beaches in the country, based on water quality, amenities, safety and environmental factors.